Fifa 2005


با سلام

برای باز کردن فایل bin. یه فایل cue. هم لازمه که من یادم رفته بود بزارم الانم هرچی گشتم پیداش نکردم ولی یه دانلود دیگه میزارم که نه bin. باشه نه چیز دیگه فرمت این فایل rar. هستش و براحتی با winrar باز میشه.

 ۱.۳۴ گیگابایت

First Touch Gameplay: All-new fluid player kinetic system gives you First Touch control with easy button presses on your controller.
All-New Creation Zone: Design tournaments and customize players using the most advanced modeling system ever.
Challenge the World: More than 350 official licenses, including 18 leagues, 40 national teams, and 11,000 players.
Build Soccer's Greatest Dynasty: Deeper Career mode offers further immersion into the world of running a soccer club.
The Absolute Broadcast: Enjoy brand-new camera angles, realistic weather effects, and improved contrast and lighting for players and stadiums.
Enhanced Online Gameplay: Take your beautiful game online. Set up tournaments and chat with players across the nation.

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