Tweak-xp Pro 4.0.5

اگر میخواهید سرعت ویندوزتون بالا بره و مشکلات احتمالیش هم حل بشه حتما از این برنامه استفاده کنید چرا که با بیش از ۵۶ نرم افزار که تو خودش داره تمام مشکلات سیستم شما را حل میکنه و باعث افزایش سرعت اونم میشه.

حجم : 5.7 مگابایت
Name: Ann Heywood
Order ID: E100104475048
Number of licenses: 01

Tweak-XP bundles 56 different utilities into one. It was developed to combine both tweaking and optimizing features to increase the speed of your Windows XP system. All settings can be done without the need for any technical knowledge, since Tweak-XP informs the user in detail about each option. Features include Desktop tweaking, Internet Explorer tweaking, connection speed optimization, virtual desktops, Outlook tweaks, hardware tweaks, cache optimization and much more. Tweak-XP Pro also allows you to create a RAM drive and virtual drives. Additional utilities include a secure file shredder, password generator, zip file repair tool, folder protection, registry cleaner and others. A feature rich tool with a modern interface and tons of features.


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