Real Spy Monitor 2.24


با این برنامه شما میتوانید سیستمه خودتونو تحت کنترل قرار بدین و تمامیه اطلاعاتی رو که افراد مختلف در سیستمه شما ردوبدل کردند رو زیره نظر بگیرین، شایان به ذکر است که این برنامه بیشتر برای پدران و مادرانی میخوره که بخواهند فرزندانشان را زیره کنترل خودشون قرار بدن و از رفتن به سایت های() جلوگیری کنند

حجم : نمیدونم

Real Spy Monitor is a Powerful Internet-spy-monitoring tool. Worried about how your PC is being used? Want to keep tabs on your children, spouse, employees? Need to Prevent your children or employee from some application or web sites? Real Spy Monitor is the full solution for you. Real Spy Monitor can send you recorded logs through e-mail delivery at set times - perfect for remote monitoring! You can set your own email subjects and select what type of logs you are ready to send. We have set a default ISP Mail Host that supports SMTP feature for you. Of course you can also set you own Mail Host that supports SMTP feature to send recorded logs for you.


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